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I purchased this asset. Looks awesome. However, super screen shader doesn't work in URP. Looks like URP no longer invokes OnRenderImage method and hence these effects don't get applied. These effects might need to be put in separate passes, I guess. 

To clarify further: All other effects work just fine. Only screen shaders used along with bundled scripts has this issue.

Thank you! I will look into compatibility and try to find a fix.

I want to buy this, but paypal denies my purchase. Do you have other alternative payment methods?

Please email me at, we’ll work something out!

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I’ve added Stripe as a payment option! Hope it works :)

Yes, it worked. Just got myself a copy, can't wait to try it out !!

Awesome, and thank you! :)
Let me know if you have any questions!

Could you put this asset to the unity asset store? The paypal denied my purchase. I don't know how to deal with.

Please email me at, we’ll work something out! 

Hey, this looks fantastic, will definitely purchase it later this week! My biggest worry is how to keep up to date? Will I have to redownload from itch every time you put out an update?

Hi there! So yeah, but if I do any more updates, they’ll be individual files (or zips), no more unity packages. I won’t be adding any new effects, but I can update and/or fix them if bugs pop up :)

that's great, thanks for the quick response!

So I'm trying out the shaders, the effects are great and the demos are really well laid out! You are definitely under-valuing this asset and I'll be tipping you more! - My only issue is that the outline shader for sprites draws into the sprite rather than adding new pixels. I'm working on a game with really small sprites so it's not ideal for my usage. Do you think there's a work-around or fix? :)

Thank you so much :)

The shader starts on the outside, looks for non alpha pixels, and iterates inward. A problem outlining out would be that the sprite rect could be too tight. There would need to be empty padding in the texture.

I’ll open it up this weekend and dig in to see what I can do :)

Thanks that would be fantastic!

As a small aside, the current folder setup for the shaders will cause errors in a build as the shaders are not in a "Resources" folder. This means Shader.Find() will not work.

In unity, do i need to be using universal render pipeline with shadergraph for these shaders to work? I have an older project i could use these on.

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You do not! These are all written in HLSL, shadergraph wasn’t used :)

Email me at and I’ll send you a sprite, image, and screen shader just to check them before a purchase!

Just uploaded a demo, if you want to give those a shot :)

Great asset, should work well with my old project. Thanks!

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or requests :)

This shader is awesome! I've been using it for all of my pixel art games lately and it really brings the art to life. Distort and super everything are my faves

Glad you like them! Distort can be used in so many ways depending on the texture you use; Underwater, dungeon torch, etc. Enjoy :)